Social NFT Platform Announces Their CEO SONIA RAYAT

Social NFT CEO Sonia Rayat

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Social NFT CEO Sonia Rayat

Social NFT, the up-and-coming social media platform for NFTs has marked its arrival with the appointment of its CEO, Sonia Rayat. The platform has been making the rounds recently with many exciting announcements and this one seems to be a significant one in that series.

Sonia Rayat will lead a brilliant team of crypto-enthusiasts and engineers to build a vision of the future. Having valuable experience in the financial markets and network marketing, Rayat is a priceless asset for Social NFT and the perfect person to be at the helm. Since she is a self-taught entrepreneur, she knows the ins and outs of how a business is operated and how it can be catapulted to new heights.

Social NFT will benefit from her expertise in that regard. This is especially important due to the surging popularity of NFTs in recent times. The world of NFTs, which is a result of the natural progression of cryptocurrencies, is helping build a foundation of the future. A future where everything is going to be tokenized and represented in the form of a digital asset. This science-fiction vision is poised to be fulfilled by platforms like Social NFT, which give everyday people an opportunity to monetize their creativity. And Rayat’s role will be pronounced towards this effort.

She will be instrumental in bringing together brands, ambassadors, influencers, artists, musicians, and many other people from different walks of life to take advantage of this brewing opportunity. A new way of looking at and valuing content is being built right in front of the world where NFTs will be at the center. Social NFT aims to make this process a no-brainer by allowing influencers to create, mint, and sell NFTs without knowing anything about the technical side. This will build a much deeper and more meaningful cohesion and bonding with their fanbase which will, in turn, help build the communities of the future.

Social NFT plans to open up its platform to everyone in the near future. Most of the pieces of the puzzle are in place to do so and Rayat’s recent appointment as CEO pushes things along in a big way. They are also about to have a release party soon after the highly successful exclusive onboarding party recently. More details about the release party will be shared soon.

Social NFT also plans to allow the purchase of its token on September 16th on Pancake Swap. Those looking to secure some tokens early on in the launch process can do it then. Sonia Rayat will also be holding an AMA session about Social NFT and how you can get involved soon. Stay tuned to her AMA as it will answer a lot of your questions. The details of this AMA will be shared soon too.

There are many more announcements that are planned by Social NFT as the launch draws nearer.