Future of NFTs with Social Media

NFT and Social Media

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NFT and Social Media

There have been a few acronyms that take over the internet in the past few years. After all, LOL’s been around since 1989. Add it up to JK, BRB, and WTF and we owe each other a new one. Enter the age of NFT.
The NFT is a non-fungible digital token that is a unique example of a digital item—think of digital artdomain name, GIFs, audio and multimedia, and even digital certificates packaged with physical items.
The NFTs are essentially digital collectibles, and while anyone can save an image saved in GIF form by ripping it, having them in one’s own collection is the equivalent of owning a print of Van Gogh’s Starry Night but cannot own the original.
Some also refer to these digital assets as crypto-collectibles. DLTs are run by blockchain ownership, the cryptocurrency BNB and Ethereum is being used most often to buy, sell and auction digital assets.
NFTs offers a unique mix of high-end art, internet culture, and investing. More specifically, these platforms are changing how companies operate on social media because everybody wants in.
According to market insider Ashley Ramos, Nifty Gateway’s top online market has been likened to the gold rush period.

How NFT Brands using Social Media?

One factor that explains Beeple’s success is his large social media following, which reaches 2.5 million followers across channels.
As Movement Strategy’s Creative Director, Alex Krutchkoff points out, “Social media, just like any other type of marketing, is a way for brands to learn about potential customers and generate awareness for products.”
Social media is a wonderful platform for anyone with a social media audience to demonstrate the distinctiveness of a product, drumming up excitement about something that is simultaneously an experience.
A combination of the rarity of the NFT and multiple flames and praise-hand emoji comments combined with high engagement should make it the buzz that leads to increased brand awareness and business.
NFTs have been wildly popular in sports, entertainment and the art scene, however, brands are still in the early stages of determining how they can benefit themselves and their customers.
The innovation has already reached the mainstream. Nike recently patented blockchain-compatible sneakers called CryptoKicks. The shoes will provide each user with a digital version of their shoes, as well as a digital token tied to the shoe.
The NFT community is more authentic and thoughtful than some social categories, where people can buy followers and make a quick buck. To navigate the space, brands have to do some legwork.
NFTs offers an interesting combination of high-end art and investing with internet culture. Furthermore, NFTs are changing the way brands behave on social media because everyone wants in, so the competition today is fierce.
NFTs illustrate how social media users can demonstrate the distinct nature of an item by creating excitement surrounding something that is both a physical and emotional experience.
The combination of the NFT’s rarity with thousands of comments and high engagement should lead to great awareness and business, just as flaming and praising hand emojis did before could.
A social network like NFT is a kind of web to an extent and one that can be leveraged further by long-standing online communities. It’s a bit meta, but you get the point.


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