Crypto Art is Digital Art ?

Crypto Art

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Crypto Art

What the heck is cryptocurrency art and why are people talking about it? Crypto art is changing how motion designers earn money, but how they view themselves—not only as motion designers but as capital-A Artists.

The Crypto Art movement is shaking up the industry, and literally has changing the lives of motion designers. Whether you like it or not, it is worth getting to know more about NFT.

What is crypto art?

The short answer is that crypto art is digital art that has the means to be proven to be the property of its owner. Just as a work signed by Picasso can be proved to be authentic, crypto art can be proven as well using a non-fungible token.  

NFTs can be attached to anything but are typically commonly used for crypto art. For instance, they can be attached to images, videos, music, and MP4.

In the Blockchain, this token proves ownership of the ‘original’ file because it stores the transaction on a permanent ledger that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The blockchain can provide proof of ownership of an asset by checking the information against this spreadsheet. Without getting too into the weeds, one can consider blockchain as a huge master copy of a spreadsheet to which anyone can add information, such as an NFT’s unique ID.

Because all computers compare this spreadsheet to each other, it makes it nearly impossible to forge data, because computers verify whether or not the data is original.

In the crypto world, the blockchain can be viewed as the fine art expert who knows about the history of a particular painting from collector to collector. Crypto art lives on its own blockchain called the Binance Smart Chain blockchain – more on that later.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions you need to understand. Having an image or animation on your computer is not the same as owning the NFT-backed original.

This image you downloaded is worthless, while the NFT verified image is considered an original work of art. You can go online and download images of Picasso paintings, it is true, but it is worth less than a verified original.

No matter how many GIFs you download, none of them matter because they do not include the NFT-linked version that proves the GIF is yours!


Who Are The CryptoArtists?

Tech-savvy: These are the artists who mastered their technology so well they launched their own controlled, limited, rare digital art, such as CryptoKitties’ Guile Gaspar and CryptoPunks’ John Watkinson.

Self-trained: These are artists who are untrained, or more appropriately self-trained. These artists have been empowered through democratic platforms which aim to empower anyone to function as an artist.

What are SOCIAL NFTs?

Social NFTs give anyone who has a social media platform a chance to create and sell NFTs from their everyday post. You can sell a clip of your story, a meme, a selfie, or a piece of art you created. No programming knowledge needed, we do the hard part while you do the easy part.

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