Become the Artist Using Social NFT marketplace…

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Become the Artist Using Social NFT marketplace

Artist communities on social media are experiencing a lot of turmoil lately. People are locking down their accounts because of NFT, or non-fungible tokens, which are growing in popularity. Other people are blocking new accounts and telling friends to keep an eye out.

If someone wishes to share their work on social media, that means opening up their work to the public. When ecosystems work well, people are more inclined to share it, commission custom work, or contribute to a tip jar. But NFT are changing the landscape.

In layman’s terms, an NFTs is a unique token that represents ownership of a digital good. When you buy something, a contract is made for you and placed on the blockchain. This contract becomes publicly available and a permanent part of the blockchain.

The NFT works like a digital certificate that proves someone owns a tweetYouTube video, or piece of artwork. However, this is a simplification.

Everyone making a living online, especially creative people, now need to know more about NFTs, which have become so enmeshed in the jargon of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Several experts say that NFTs are part of a digital revolution that will democratize fame and put creators in control of their destinies.

What do I need to become NFTs Artist on SOCIAL NFT Marketplace?

NFT does not require in-depth crypto knowledge to create, but there are some things you need to get started like a crypto wallet and Binance. This is okay if these terms aren’t familiar – you can get everything set up in a few minutes from your phone.

All you have to do is just:

  • Set up an Binance Wallet
  • Purchase a small amount of BNB
  • Connect your wallet to an NFT Marketplace

How to Make and Sell NFTs

If you’re an artist or a content creator of any kind, you want to monetize content otherwise inherently unprofitable. You could turn it into a non-fungible token(NFT).

You might create an NFT from a drawing or comic strip or a piece of art that recently sold for about $580,000 as an NFT such as Nyan Cat, the cat with a Pop-Tart body and rainbow trail.

There are different processes and some platforms charge a fee (to cover the computational “gas” involved in an NFT on platforms including Ethereum). You can start on platforms such as SOCIAL NFT Marketplace, which lets you apply to create your own NFT project.

How much does it cost to make NFTs?

An amount of BNB is needed to perform a certain action on the blockchain, such as introducing a new security token to the marketplace. The price of gas varies depending on how busy the network is. The busier the network, the more expensive the gas is and vice versa.

What are SOCIAL NFTs?

Social NFTs give anyone who has a social media platform a chance to create and sell NFTs from their everyday post. You can sell a clip of your story, a meme, a selfie, or a piece of art you created. No programming knowledge needed, we do the hard part while you do the easy part.

Buy Social NFT’s of your favourite social media personalities, your favourite artists, celebrities, tattoo artists, photographers and own some of the awesome items they have created. You can display your collection on your SOCIAL Book or sell them when the value increases.

Create, Buy & Sell on the Social NFT Marketplace


Become the Artist Using Social NFT marketplace