NFT marketplace for influencers

An online NFT marketplace for influencers and their followers. Create+Mint= make money off your likeness.


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What is a

SOCIAL NFT is a BNB based NFT (non-fungible token) platform for social media personalities who want to create digital collectibles of their likeness. Secured with blockchain technology. SOCIAL NFT uses Binance Smart chain (BSC) bep 721 protocol.

Who can
create NFT’s

Only those who have Social Media accounts can apply to become a NFT creator on the platform. Once approved, the seller can create, mint and issue NFTs. SOCIAL helps you create without the need of any programming knowledge. Sell your story, sell your images, your gif or video. With our Royalty program, you receive a percentage of the sales whenever your item is bought and sold on the marketplace.

Profit off
your likeness

If you’re a youtuber, instagram influencer, celebrity or whatever, The Social NFT Marketplace is for you! Upload, mint and make that bag!

Become a
Buyer or Seller

Anyone can register on the SOCIAL NFT platform, you are able to buy & sell digital items from the platform. Buy your NFT’s or your favorite celebrities, artists or personalities. All transactions on SOCIAL NFT marketplace are conducted in the SNFT token or BNB coin.

Be in full control! Of your digital asset!

Creating a Wallet : You will create your own decentralized wallet that only you have access to. One account to manage all your digital items, accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime Security : Protecting your digital items is our top priority. Not only is security implemented in all levels of our platform, our governance structure certifies each crearter and seller.

Features and Details


Benefits for active users with our reward systems


Collect items from your favourite social media personality and build your SOCIAL Book

Low Fees

Low trade fees on the platform for all digital items


User friendly UX/UI for anyone to create buy or sell their digital item

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